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A True Life Partner

A partnership with Cordasco Financial Network is about more than numbers. It’s about living your best life. We help you build a plan around your values, your priorities, and the legacy you want to leave.

When you sit down with a member of our team, the conversation may surprise you. The focus will be on your story long before it will be about your money. The guidance you receive will start with who you are before it focuses on what needs to be done. You will know what progress looks like, why it’s important, and how we will measure it together.

This process is the foundation to wealth planning, investment management, and thoughtful guidance. Between conversations, our iNetwork tool will give you secure access to your plan online. You can check on your progress, update information, and schedule your next meeting. You’re in control, wherever and whenever you want to be.

Cordasco Financial Network


Your ability to accumulate wealth says a lot about your values. What you do with that wealth says a lot about your priorities. Our team of experts will help you focus on your next set of goals. Our process will help you make the decisions required to achieve them.

A great wealth plan is one founded on your values: your passions, your family, your legacy. Living your best life is the goal, whatever that means to you.


Your ideal investment strategy is one that meets several criteria: First, it is built with your values and priorities in mind. Second, it is explained to you in plain English. Third, it is designed to be agile when things change.

Our investment management team delivers robust research, dynamic strategies, and timely trend analysis for each of our client’s unique situations.


The most important decisions in your life often aren’t about numbers. Instead they’re decisions about your values, your priorities, and your goals. Our team is ready to deliver objectivity and wisdom at every step of your financial journey. It’s not about how much you have, but how much you can do because of it. Our guidance process is based on deep insights from the field of Behavioral Finance. Click here to learn more.

More than anything, our process is about you: the life you want to live, your best financial life.

Our Team

Steve Cordasco

Founder and CEO

Carolyn Brusilow

Senior Client Associate

James V. Tate, CPA, PFS

Financial Advisor

Mary McGahey

Executive Assistant

Gil Freeman

General Manager

Larry Shaw, AWMA®

Financial Advisor

Timothy Joseph, CPA

Financial Advisor

Leah Mele

Marketing Associate

Chris Gibbons CFP ®, CAP®, CLU®, FIC

Financial Advisor

Dennis Jablonoski

Financial Planner & Retirement Specialist

Ryan M. Flurer

Financial Planner

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