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Don’t Get Stuck in the Mud!

Over the weekend, my family was heading to an annual summer boat party. On the way over, my teenage daughter got a call from her friend, Jen. Jen wanted to come to the party, and my daughter offered to pick her up on a jet-ski. My daughter needed us to wait for her so she could follow us to the party. And so, like good parents do, we waited.

We told her she needed to be back soon because the tide was changing, but like many teenagers do, she got distracted. She took her time to pick up Jen, even changed her outfit, and stopped for gas.

College Decision Case-Study

If you have $100,000 saved for a child’s education, this might only pay for half of an undergraduate degree if no financial award is given. How do you tell your college-bound child, who has been a great and diligent student, that they can’t attend their dream school?

You’re Benched! Why Setting Long-Term Goals leads to Higher Rewards

Josh Harris, the 76ers owner, made local and national headlines last week when he attended a meeting with President Donald Trump. You may find this surprising, since many of us Philly locals would view Harris as the sports, not the politics guy. However, Harris, is a very successful private equity investor and co-founder of Apollo Global Management. Harris, as well as other prominent businessmen, met with President Trump to discuss a one trillion-dollar infrastructure plan.

What’s Your Client’s Real Question?

This week we interviewed Steve Cordasco, founder of Cordasco Financial Network, a wealth planning and investment management firm based in Philadelphia, Pa. Cordasco recalls a time he helped a client by addressing the emotional need underneath a technical question.

Clients often come to me with a question about investment performance. Over the years, I’ve learned that their real issue often involves something much deeper and more personal than portfolio returns.