The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act

The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017 was intended to simplify taxes. However, with heated politics, unclear buzzwords, and overall panic in the mix, the new act is still extremely complex. As a result, you might feel out of sorts trying to make sense of what to do.   Cordasco Financial Network’s goal is  … Read more

Three Ways Charitable Giving Will Change

Much has been made of the 2018 tax bill signed into law on December 20th . It is both a reduction in many people’s taxes for next year and a substantial increase in the country’s debt for the future. One impact of this bill that has gotten little coverage, however, is how it affects individual  … Read more

Your Retirement Contigency Plan

The 2017 MarketCounsel Summit was held earlier this month in Miami, Florida.  The conference provides wealth management professionals the opportunity to meet and mingle with the brightest minds in the industry and to bring new ideas and new thinking back to their practices for the benefit of their clients.   Cordasco Financial Network founder and  … Read more

Part Two: Breaking the Silence

Not only do people face nervousness and fear during retirement, life transitions, or job changes, but for those struggling with a relative who has an opioid addiction, it drastically increases stress. As discussed in my previous blog, this national epidemic has unfortunately impacted many of my friends, relatives, and clients. The purpose of this blog  … Read more

Part One: Breaking the Silence

Over the past thirty years that I have worked as a financial advisor, my role in a client’s life has dramatically changed. More often than not, I find myself guiding my client’s life, not wealth. I help get each client through tough life transitions, situations, and family matters. When it comes down to it, money  … Read more

Better Decisions, Sunnier Days

The beach house was a familiar bone of contention for the mid-sixties couple sitting in front of me. For several years, the wife had wanted to purchase a beach house. The husband thought a beach house was a bad investment. “A bad investment? How can you say that? Beach houses have sky-rocketed in value since  … Read more

Retirement Made Easy

Retirement is an emotional transition. Many people miss the comradery of the office workplace, fear the loss of friends, stress about a new routine, and the unknown of a new way of life. It’s important to give time and space for this aspect of retirement. In order to do so, you should not procrastinate on your retirement planning. If you  … Read more