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Josh Harris, the 76ers owner, made local and national headlines last week when he a […]

By the end of the third quarter on Super Bowl Sunday, the Patriots were down 28-9. No team in Super Bowl history had ever come back from more than a 10-point defici […]

Retirement is the time to start checking off items on your bucket list, like taking a trip overseas or picking up a new hobby, but many of those checkmarks might require some additional savings. It ca […]

Based on what was experienced at the 2008 Democratic National Convention, Philadelphia expects 50,000 visitors, jam-packed hotels and many political protests during this year’s DNC. Major events like […]

On June 6, Federal Reserve Chair Janet Yellen gave a speech to the Worlds Affairs Council of Philadelphia about the status of the national economy. During the luncheon, Yellen and I were seated at the […]

Imagine retiring to a high-rise apartment where a doorman greets you and a concierge arranges for tickets to the latest show along with complimentary transportation. Or perhaps you’d rather spend your […]

Touted repeatedly by parents and educators alike, the “traditional college experience” is something every warm-blooded American should have a chance to encounter. 8 a.m. classes, jam-packed lecture ha […]

The retirement process is unnerving to most—it’s a major shift in daily living and is what you’ve worked towards your entire career. The stress involved may lead to a severe case of cold feet, so how […]

As part of our yearlong project “The State of Small Business,” Business News Daily plans to report on the small business environment in every state in America. In this installment, we asked a few […]

The number of married Americans has been declining steadily in recent decades — a trend that’s been described as one of the largest unnamed societal shifts of the last 60 years. While the driving forc […]