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Five Dimensions of Wealth

We are one of the only wealth management firms that manages and supports your entire wealth picture. While many only work to grow your financial assets, we work with you to embrace and mature your Five Dimensions of Wealth.

This means that when developing and implementing your customized TOTAL Wealth Track™, we review and analyze all five wealth dimensions, taking into consideration all aspects of your life, including your financial, personal, family, community and professional wealth.

The result is a plan which fully encompasses your values and financial goals, the ambition you have for yourself, both on a personal and career level, and the dreams you have for your family and your community. In execution, we help you not only secure and grow your financial wealth, but help you impart your five dimensions of wealth on your heirs through specialized meetings, educational programs and special seminars.

Financial:Your monetary assets are at the most basic level of your investment track. Before anything else, we review your financial wealth to evaluate your current financial state, analyze potential areas for growth and determine realistic financial goals.
Personal:Personal wealth encompasses your lifestyle, your current and expected life achievements and your personal values and morals. This is the wealth which sets the groundwork for how and why you make specific investing decisions and set legacy plans.
Family:Family wealth includes how your wealth – both financial and personal wealth – affects and impacts your immediate family. On a material level, this includes estate planning and financial inheritance. On a moral level, this includes the passing on of financial values and intergeneration ethics.
Community:Community wealth consists of your social status, your philanthropic interests and the impact you leave on your community. This aspect of wealth is determined by your current actions (volunteer involvement and living donations) and your future legacy planning.
Professional:There are two aspects of professional wealth. Within the investing sphere, your professional wealth is determined by the value provided by your financial advisors. That's why it is vital to surround yourself with advisors who have the technical knowledge and investing skills to successfully grow and manage your wealth. Within your personal sphere, professional wealth encompasses your business goals and career achievements. This aspect of professional wealth includes the selling or transfer of your business or enactment of necessary safeguards to protect your professional interests.


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