Football and Finance: Why Great Teams Win

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Football and Finance: Why Great Teams Win

By the end of the third quarter on Super Bowl Sunday, the Patriots were down 28-9. No team in Super Bowl history had ever come back from more than a 10-point deficit. With historical odds stacked against them, the Patriots could have easily turned complacent, crippled by fear and anxiety, and bowed out of the fight. Instead, the Patriots came together under the guidance of the quarterback Tom Brady and Coach Belichick and remained poised. The Patriots scored 25 unanswered points and won the game in overtime. 

Emotions and anxiety often cause us to act irrational. This anxiety increases in times of volatility, whether it’s in the markets or our personal life. If your team consists of self-centered players, you are not going to have confidence that the team is going to pull through in volatile times, resulting in a lost football game, or in your case, lost capital.

After fifteen consecutive winning seasons, seven Super Bowl appearances, and five Super Bowl victories, Brady, Belichick and the Patriots have become the gold-standard in football. Brady, Coach Belichick and the Patriots have had outstanding success because they are unselfish and genuinely care about each other as they do their family.

When your team has a vested interest in you, it’s easier for you to remain confident, calm, and poised.  When you surround yourself with a good wealth management team that is prepared, understands you, and is genuinely invested in your well-being, it will keep your emotions in check during times of adversity.

For instance, you can view Coach Belichick as you would a trusted wealth management team. There are many solid coaches in the NFL, just as there are trusted wealth managers.  What makes Coach Belichick exceptional is the personal bond he shares with his players. He looks for players who are like him: unselfish and focused. The steady hand and personal care he provides for his players has reaped incredible rewards. 

In the same light, finding a wealth management team that is experienced, unselfish, and invested in your emotional well-being will give you confidence and comfort for whatever your future holds. An exceptional wealth management team goes beyond what’s required of him or her and gets to know you on a personal and emotional level – your desires, your fears, your tendencies, your family – building a bond that transcends professional constructs. The exceptional wealth management team may not lead you to a Super Bowl trophy but will guide you to overcome any financial challenge, no matter the odds, to achieve a happy and successful life.

Choose wisely. 

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