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Investment Management – Integrating Your Portfolio and Your Plan

It seems like every time you turn on Fox News or CNBC there’s some gloomy economic forecast. Interest rates may be going up, or the stock market may have dipped, or we’re hearing about the latest geopolitical or economic threat.

It’s understandable to hear such news and become worried about your finances.

At Cordasco Financial Network, we know what this feels like. In fact, it’s one of the reasons we created CFN in the first place – to be the beacon of hope in what can sometimes be a stormy financial sea.

In a storm, it’s the flexible palm tree that can bend with the wind and remain upright, while the mighty stiff oak gets snapped off at the trunk. Our investment approach is flexible – we make sure that your investment portfolio changes as markets and the global investment landscape change too.

Part of our strategy is to uncover what you really need from your investments. We then take a long range focus – not trying to make big hits by timing the market or jumping on every new fad that comes along. We create for you a unique mix from our two approaches: Accumulation and Preservation.

No matter which approach works best for you, our goal is to manage your investments in a way that best suits what you need now and in the future. You can take comfort in the fact that we never subject you to excessive risk just to gain a higher rate of return for a short time.

We use global diversification – seeking opportunities both at home and abroad – to create a solid portfolio for you and your family. We’re here to lean on, to provide the knowledge and wisdom to keep your financial ship on course and to warn you of danger. With the steady hand of CFN at the helm, you’ll be able to sleep soundly.

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Our Investment Approaches

Often, when retirement is still years away, many clients choose to be a little more aggressive both in the amount they save and in the risk they take in order to build a larger portfolio with a greater rate of return. This investment approach subjects more of your assets to the risk of loss, but it also provides an opportunity to achieve higher rates of return.
When the time for retirement comes, your income from working has to be replaced by other income streams. We shift our focus from providing opportunities for outperforming growth, to providing you with a portfolio that both preserves what you’ve worked so hard for, as well as gives you a strong and steady income stream that will keep paying you well into the future.

Our Three Pillars

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