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Lifestyle Coaching™ – More Than Just Money

The purpose of lifestyle coaching is to create a strong bond between your financial life and your quality of life. We believe achieving financial success may lead to a higher standard of living, but it does not necessarily translate to a robust quality of life. While our first two pillars “wealth planning” and “investment management” focus on achieving the standard of living you desire, our third pillar “lifestyle coaching” addresses the most critical aspect of improving your overall quality of life.

With this principle in mind, we work alongside you to help you discover what it is you really want from your life and your money. Once we truly understand your vision, we partner with you, doing the hard work necessary to help you realize it.

Along the road to a better life, there are often difficult decisions that must be made. Life is complicated, and we understand that making good choices under stress is challenging. We work with you to help you consistently make sensible decisions that positively impact your lifestyle and finances. We provide the wisdom you may need to help guide you when it comes to making those tough decisions. Finally, we provide you with an independent and objective point of view.

A better financial life should lead to a higher quality of life. Lifestyle coaching is designed to help you achieve both. Let Us Guide You

How Does Lifestyle Coaching™ Work?

  • Not long ago, we had a client come to us facing a dilemma. They had two children, one who was successful and one who seemed to struggle through life.

    The first child never asked for anything. When he graduated college, he became very successful and stood on his own two legs. On the other hand, the second child seemed to constantly need help – borrowing to purchase a home and to make ends-meet.

    Our client was facing a difficult decision when considering how to split up the inheritance. They asked us what they should do – was it fair to split everything up equally?

    After reviewing their family situation, considering the advances they had already given to their one son, and incorporating the intentions of the parents, we came up with an approach to splitting the inheritance. The amount given to each child would directly reflect the support that had been provided along the way. We organized a family meeting where we were able to share the rationale directly with the son, alleviating the parents burden of communication.

    Not only was the client pleased with this solution, but the children also understood the thought process and approach as well. It was a win-win for the entire family.

Our Three Pillars

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