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Our Value – A True Life Partnership

At Cordasco Financial Network, we partner with you to help you achieve the highest quality of life, not just higher account balances. We walk with you, following a customized road-map built around your lifestyle, your vision for the future, and how you want your legacy to be felt by the next generation.

When you sit down with the CFN team, you may be surprised by the conversation. We begin by getting to know you, not by asking a lot of questions about money. We take time to really understand who you are, the things you value in life, and how you want the future to unfold.

Once we understand and appreciate your values, we begin the work of wealth planning, investment management and lifestyle coaching™. Also, our work continues even though we aren’t sitting around the table together. We provide cloud-based solutions through our iNetwork system so you always have access to your information wherever and whenever you need it.

We think of your relationship with Cordasco Financial Network as much more than numbers. We’re here to give you knowledge and guidance to help you make the tough choices we all face in life. You can rely on our experience and wisdom to guide you to a well planned, safe and secure future.

Advisors who understand you and share your values, is our value proposition. Start The Conversation

Our Three Pillar


Our Three Pillars