PAM (Private Asset Management) November Forum: Advice on Elections?

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PAM (Private Asset Management) November Forum: Advice on Elections?

PAM asks advisors: Are there any solutions or advice which might help insulate clients from market turmoil following the presidential election?

Wednesday 26th October, 2016

John Bailer

Senior portfolio manager

The Boston Company Asset Management

“At this point, I think it’s pretty clear the election is going to keep the status quo,”Bailer told PAM. In the event of a Clinton win, investors shouldn’t expect many changes in their portfolios, he added.


Bailer points to a few opportunities both candidates have to offer in defense and infrastructure-oriented companies. “Defense will continue to get funded after the election and infrastructure pending is very important to both candidates.”


Healthcare has become a polarizing issue between the two candidates and remains an area of uncertainty given potential drug price regulation. Bailer cautions investors on the healthcare sector, emphasizing it will be “difficult going forward and examining rhetoric after the election.”


“At the end of the day people get very worried about elections only because both political parties want them to get angry at the opponent,” Bailer told PAM. Investors should be looking ahead towards interest rate hikes, which are “not necessarily driven by who wins the election,” he said.


Bailer is concerned about utilities and staples underperforming if rates go up. “The market is so laser-focused on downside protection and low betas, it’s creating a bubble of proxy-like stocks,” he noted.



Steve Cordasco


Cordasco Financial Network

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