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TOTAL Wealth Track

It's all about your TOTAL Wealth

Planning for the future can be a tenuous and daunting process. But it doesn't have to be. Let us help.

Our talented team uses a proprietary five-step model, the TOTAL Wealth Track™, to balance your big picture lifecycle and lifestyle issues and move you toward your goal.

Before we talk investments, we talk about you. From our first meeting, we work with you to design and implement your customized TOTAL Wealth Track™. This track serves as the foundation of your portfolio and will be reevaluated and adjusted over time to make certain that your needs are being best met.

Take       Inventory:

First we gather information and evaluate your Five Dimensions of Wealth, addressing every important issue, asset, value and dream, including:

  • Personal goals, life circumstances and lifestyle choices
  • Assets (liquid and non-liquid), including all investment statements, bank accounts, 401(k)s, IRAs, tax returns, real estate and family businesses
  • Family relationships, including retirement planning, education planning and estate planning
  • Employment status, pensions, profit sharing and retirement programs
  • Professional goals, including the purchase or sale of businesses or real estate 
  • Cash flow needs for today and in the future 
Organize and Analyze:

Next we organize and analyze your information in order to set realistic financial goals and objectives that will help you live comfortably in the future. This analysis includes:

  • Developing your risk profile
  • Testing your existing plan for risk exposure
  • Lifecycle mapping of various life stages, including retirement. We analyze how to best prepare for your legacy planning, cash flow, tax planning and property acquisition / disposition needs 
  • Family wealth transition, including education planning, gifting and transferring of wealth
  • Lifestyle prioritization
Tailor A Plan:

We then use your current financial information, specific needs, life priorities and our analysis as a guide to create a unique plan for you. Blending a variety of investment, cash flow and tax strategies based on your personal profile, we develop a customized plan that will help you:

  • Manage your investments
  • Design retirement solutions
  • Optimize your cash flow and tax strategies
  • Define your risk tolerance level 
  • Meet family obligations
  • Prepare for estate planning and gifting
  • Plan for charitable giving
  • Determine fees and costs
Activate The Plan:

Once your plan is fully developed, we transition your assets into suitable accounts to implement your plan efficiently and effectively. During activation, we:

  • Transfer assets
  • Monitor the transfer process to ensure accuracy
  • Reconcile and account for all assets throughout the transfer process
  • Set a timeline for immediate and phased-in transactions
Look Ahead:

We then continuously look ahead. We monitor and adjust your investment portfolio based on market trends, new investing opportunities, asset changes and the economic environment. Simultaneously, we monitor your life goals and circumstances, rebalancing your plan to meet your ever-changing needs. Our plan is dynamic and with our iNetwork System you can: 

  • See all of your accounts in one place
  • Access your accounts anytime and anywhere
  • View daily updates
  • Safekeep your documents 
  • Collaborate remotely with your advisors
  • Maintain privacy protection

We keep you informed and involved in every stage of your TOTAL Wealth Track™ by communicating through monthly reports, quarterly conference calls, annual personal reviews and meetings whenever necessary.

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