At Cordasco Financial Network, we are excited to be part of Mercer Advisors.

We believe that financial planning is about more than managing your money.
It’s about helping you make the best decisions for you and your family
to ensure a successful plan for your life and wealth.

The powerful combination of Cordasco Financial Network and Mercer Advisors can enhance your overall client experience and add new tools and services to an already robust offering. Learn more about these services here. Questions? Contact us here.

How do we help you accomplish this?

Our unique approach to helping people can be summed up by our 3 T’s


Our multi-advisor TEAM approach is not a common practice in the financial advisory industry. While other firms traditionally offer one advisor or point of contact, we find that rather limiting. At CFN, we all come from different backgrounds and by working as a team, we are able to maximize our collective expertise, offering you several complimentary skill sets to accomplish your goals and priorities. This also reduces the risk of relying solely on one advisor should someone retire or go in a different direction with their career.


With multiples CPAs on staff, we analyze every decision through the important lens of TAXES. At a minimum, we hope that advisors at other firms consider taxes when looking at investment decisions, such as rebalancing, tax-loss harvesting, capital gains, and what investments should be held in qualified or non-qualified accounts. However, there are many important decisions affected by taxes that the people we help have to make outside of their investment accounts. With the help of our CPAs, including a forensic accountant, we’re able to provide guidance for any of these decisions.


Whether developing new TOOLS internally or actively finding new ways of bringing education, clarity and guidance to the people we help, we always strive to be at the forefront of innovation. For example, we’ve developed a tool that is able to simulate all your future financial outcomes regardless of the scenario. Additionally, we’ve recently surpassed our 300th podcast episode, where we’ve presented economists, politicians, academics and many others that bring important and timely insights to the people we help.

We provide the solutions you need to understand where you currently are, where you’re going, and the thoughtful
guidance to help you get there. As a fiduciary, we ensure that your best interest is our first priority.

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