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Achieve a Higher Understanding 

The connection between your life and your wealth can be complex, which is why we spend the time to simplify concepts and break down trends and terms so you gain more insight into your financial picture. With this education, we hope to provide you with a detailed glimpse into how you can effectively utilize your wealth to your advantage so every decision gets you closer to where you want to be.

Important Disclosure Information

Five Ways to Simplify Social Security Thumbnail

Five Ways to Simplify Social Security

For better or worse, deciding how and when to take Social Security is a complicated decision. This is unfortunate because many individuals, when faced with a difficult decision, shut down rather than ask the questions that can help them avoid mistakes. Due to the long-term payouts associated with Social Security, mistakes made at the beginning compound over many, many years, making them very costly. Below are five ways to simplify social security to help you avoid making a mistake.

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Better Decisions, Sunnier Days Thumbnail

Better Decisions, Sunnier Days

The beach house was a familiar bone of contention for the mid-sixties couple sitting in front of me. For several years, the wife had wanted to purchase a beach house. The husband thought a beach house was a bad investment.

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Financial Literacy for Your Children Thumbnail

Financial Literacy for Your Children

A report on financial literacy found that one in five teenagers in the U.S. lack basic fundamentals when it comes to understanding personal finance. As an adjunct professor at Temple University for many years, my personal finance class was one of the first finance courses my students ever had. If my students did take a course in high school, it revolved around a “stock-market” game, which I find to be more like gambling and doesn’t really teach good money habits, like saving, spending, and financial priorities.

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Cordasco Financial Network’s First Quarter Knowledge College Thumbnail

Cordasco Financial Network’s First Quarter Knowledge College

The stock market over the last few years has acted, to some degree, like a lullaby. With strongly positive returns coupled with little market volatility, investors had been lulled into thinking this was the new norm. For those investors, the first quarter of 2018 was likely a rude awakening. We all know volatility and risk are a necessary evil to the capital markets. However, it is often difficult to judge what is normal and what is abnormal. While historical volatility is not a good predictor of future volatility, it does give us a baseline to compare against and set expectations of what we were willing to endure.

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