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We regularly share market insights to provide our clients with first-hand knowledge into what’s going on in our world today. Dedicated to education, we value sharing our perspectives because it enables you to make smart decisions for your future. Below, you’ll find updates regarding a variety of topics that we believe will help enhance your knowledge and help build a strong financial future.

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‘Normalcy’ Moves Markets Higher, but Concerns Rise

August 11, 2021

Many broad market indexes posted positive returns for the month of July with some U.S. indexes hitting all-time highs. However, recent trends favoring the ‘vaccine trade’ areas of the market have reversed for the month with energy taking a step back, large cap catching up and growth outperforming its value counterpart. These shifts in investor sentiment may be due to greater attention being paid to recent changes in COVID case counts as the delta variant takes hold.

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5 Strategies For Dealing With Market Volatility

July 23, 2021

Fear-driven decision making has cost people a considerable amount of money over the last 2 years – a trend that doesn’t seem to be ending. With political divides, inflation on the rise, massive spending bills, and future tax uncertainty, many people are searching for direction. Do you have a plan in place that addresses the factors causing today's market volatility and which will prevent you from making the mistakes that could cause you to outlive your savings?

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CFN 2021 Outlook: Poised For Growth

January 12, 2021

Financial assets produced remarkable returns over the final nine months of 2020, characterized by rising equity valuations and narrowing credit spreads amid a global pandemic and a disjointed global economy.  The global economy is poised to achieve strong year-over-year growth and modest inflationary pressures in the first half of 2021, which should benefit risk assets and spread sectors. Wide-scale vaccination efforts may be the link to more sustained economic growth as the year progresses.

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“Stimulus to the Rescue”

April 1, 2020

CFN’s Investment team at DiMeo Schneider takes an in depth look at what the CARES Act can provide to you or your business.

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2020 Financial Planning Guide

February 4, 2020

To help you see the bigger picture, Cordasco Financial Network presents this thoughtfully constructed financial planning guide which takes a holistic view of wealth management and helps you understand how each puzzle piece interacts with the others. Click here to read the complete guide.

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December 2019 Market Commentary

January 14, 2020

U.S. equities closed out the year on a positive note as the “phase-one” U.S. – China trade deal boosted sentiment. Risk-assets were in vogue going into the new year, as dovish commentary from the U.S. Federal Reserve indicated that a significant move up in inflation would be required to...

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November 2019 Market Commentary

December 12, 2019

U.S. equities reached new highs in November and continued to gain on a mix of supportive monetary policy and hopes of a “phase-one” U.S. – China trade deal, lifting prospects of...

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October 2019 Market Commentary

December 11, 2019

U.S. equities reached new highs in November and continued to gain on a mix of supportive monetary policy and hopes of a “phase-one” U.S. – China trade deal, lifting prospects of an extended...

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September 2019 Market Commentary

October 17, 2019

U.S. equities gained on strong employment and retail sales data, suggesting that the U.S. economy is holding steady amid concerns of global slowdown and faltering manufacturing activity. The Federal Reserve voted to cut interest rates...

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August 2019 Market Commentary

September 16, 2019

U.S. equities slumped as U.S. – China trade rhetoric continued to be front of mind for investors, amid underwhelming economic data. Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell assured that the central bank will “act as appropriate” to extend...

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