Newsletter: December 2021

Every month, the Cordasco Financial Network Newsletter will bring you up-to-date on the latest podcasts, insights, and new ways that we are working to improve the professional experience of those we help.  As always, if you think this would be helpful information for someone you know, please share their contact information here.

When Inflation Hits Your Bottom Line

Steve Cordasco discusses current inflationary conditions and its impact on wage earners and retirees.  He details action steps to help ease the pain of rising prices and effective tools used at CFN to more accurately project inflation’s future impact on your Life & Wealth. Click here to listen.


Should You Own Cryptocurrency?

Questions about cryptocurrency are among the most common we receive. CFN’s John Walker and Evan Salter shed some light on the risky, complicated world of cryptocurrency, to help you determine whether or not you should own it. Click here to listen.

Safe Money Discussions for the Holiday Table

The holiday season is here.  Talking about money around the holiday table may be less stressful than discussing politics or social issues. Here’s a natural way to avoid indigestion. CFN’s Dennis Jablonoski and Jim Tate, CPA, talk about safe money discussions you can have around your holiday table, conversations you won’t regret! Click here to listen.

Guilt-Free Spending

With the holiday’s upon us, now is a good time to reflect on our spending habits. To gain a better understanding of our clients it’s critical that we discover their most important priorities, and “guilt-free spending” comes up very frequently. Click here to learn more.