Newsletter: February 2022

Every month, the Cordasco Financial Network Newsletter will bring you up-to-date on the latest podcasts, insights, and new ways that we are working to improve the professional experience of those we help.  As always, if you think this would be helpful information for someone you know, please share their contact information here.

Investment Risk: Your Capacity, Attitude and Need

It’s important to understand the emotional impact of a down market.  You need to position your portfolio long before a downturn happens. CFN’s John Walker and CFN Investment Team members Larry Shaw and Dennis Jablonoski discuss Capacity, Attitude, and Need (CAN). Assessing these areas will help provide you with a greater understanding of your investment risk and help you mitigate anxiety. Click here to listen.

Will the Federal Reserve’s 2022 Efforts to Curb Inflation Impact Your Investment Planning?

To act on inflation, the Fed has indicated it will end its asset buying program and also plans on making three interest rate hikes in 2022. Cordasco Financial Network’s John Walker is joined by Larry Shaw and Dennis Jablonoski of the CFN Investment Committee to discuss the potential impact the Fed’s latest announcement may have on your investment planning in the coming year. Click here to listen.

Helping You Prepare for the Taxes You’ll Pay on Your Retirement Income

CFN’s Retirement Plan Specialist Dennis Jablonoski, CRPS® talks with Tim Joseph CFP® and CPA. Tim explains how various forms of retirement income are taxed and the planning necessary to meet those obligations. Click here to listen.

Top 5 Tips for Smart Financial Planning in the New Year

The arrival of the new year is the perfect time to assess where you are financially and address your important priorities. CFN’s John Walker and Ryan Flurer discuss their top 5 ideas to help you optimize your personal finances for the new year and beyond. Click here to listen.