Newsletter: July 2022

This newsletter features our popular podcasts containing helpful information and new ways that we are working to improve the professional experience of those we help at Cordasco Financial Network, part of Mercer Advisors. As always, if you think this information would be helpful to someone you know, please share their contact information here.

Your Transition from Retirement Saving to Retirement Spending

A financial “Catch 22” for living in retirement is often finding the right lifestyle balance to suit both your ability to enjoy what you’ve saved and maintain careful spending so you don’t outlive your money.  John Walker and Ryan Flurer of Cordasco Financial Network, part of Mercer Advisors, discuss ways to address the financial and psychological challenges of spending during your retired years and what role good planning plays in the process. Click here to listen.

Market Volatility & Inflation: How You Can Ease the Pain

As market volatility and inflation continue to dominate our consciousness, Steve Cordasco, Director and Senior Wealth Advisor at Cordasco Financial Network, a part of Mercer Advisors, shares his insights on current economic conditions. Steve also offers historical perspective, views on what may lie ahead, and discusses some defensive moves you may want to consider to help ease your personal financial anxieties. Click here to listen.

The Good News About Rising Interest Rates

Interest rate hikes may not be welcomed by everyone, but current retirees and those nearing retirement can benefit as rates go up. If a portion of your income is derived from fixed income investments, those yields will likely rise. Additionally, you may be particularly happy if your cashflow plan includes annuity payments. John Walker and Ryan Flurer of Cordasco Financial Network, a part of  Mercer Advisors, will explain. Click here to listen.

CFN Special: A Discusson on Various Sectors of our Economy

Each year, Emerald Asset Management hosts an investment forum in the Philadelphia region featuring presentations on key economic sectors of our economy.  During the long Memorial Day holiday weekend, we released a special collection of seven interviews hosted by Dennis Jablonoski of Cordasco Financial Network, part of Mercer Advisors. Dennis spoke with various Emerald fund managers and analysts. Click here to listen.