Newsletter: June 2022

The Cordasco Financial Network Newsletter brings you up-to-date on the latest podcasts, insights, and new ways that we are working to improve the professional experience of those we help.  As always, if you think this information would be helpful to someone you know, please share their contact information here.

Mercer Advisors’ Chief Investment Officer Don Calcagni

Stock and bond markets, interest rates, and inflation take center stage as Steve Cordasco talks with Don Calcagni, MBA, MST, CFP®, AIF®, Chief Investment Officer with our new partners at Mercer Advisors. They help you better understand how current volatile market conditions impact your portfolio design. Click here to listen.

Why A Trust Should Be Considered When Creating Your Estate Plan

In many scenarios, a trust is the most appropriate means of passing wealth to your heirs. Setting up a trust can be cost effective and is available to everyone regardless of the size of their estate. John Walker welcomes Attorney Jeremiah Barlow, Executive Vice President and Head of Family Wealth Services from new CFN partners at Mercer Advisors to discuss trusts. Click here to listen.

Market Volatility: Your Wake-Up Call To Investment Risk

Recent market volatility has been a wake-up call. For years the stock market seemed to be going nowhere but up, causing an increased investment in equities. It may be a good time to look at your investment mix. CFN’s John Walker and Tim Joseph CFP® and CPA, focus on investment risk being taken across all accounts, including making sure your 401k is aligned with your risk tolerance. Click here to listen.

Clarity on Using Bonds and Bond Alternatives in Your Portfolio

The Fed has started to increase interest rates, and it may be a good time for you to gain a better understanding of the role bonds play in your investment or retirement portfolio. Cordasco Financial Network’s John Walker is joined by Dennis Jablonoski of our Investment Team and Financial Planner Ryan Flurer. They discuss the appropriate use of bonds and bond funds in your portfolio, and offer clarity on the recently increased attention being given to bond alternatives. Click here to listen.