Do you wonder what separates self-made millionaires from the rest of the population? Contrary to the popular stereotype that millionaires just got lucky, a new study demonstrates the common habits of a successful individual, and luck isn’t one of them. A recent behavioral survey conducted by Tom Corley identified the universal habits of highly successful self-made millionaires. Join me on the show to learn the practical benefits of these lifestyle habits. Given my experience working with self-made millionaires, I’ll give you my take on Corley’s study.

For instance, most of the habits that self-made millionaires revolve around maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Do you make time for yourself to workout each day? Do you make time to read? Do you seize the day and wake up early each morning? Do you get to bed early and get enough rest? Or, are you on the opposite end of the equation? Do you spend more time on Netflix while ignoring healthier ways to spend your time? Self-made millionaires know how to avoid distractions such as Netflix or spending hours on Facebook. After listening to this episode, you may feel inspired to pursue these healthier options. I also couldn’t agree more that self-made millionaires make multiple incomes. More than half of millionaires have at least three different sources of income. A critical component of these multiple income streams is being passionate about each of these income streams.

Also, I find gaps in Corley’s study, as great as it sounds to be a self-made millionaire, there is also a loneliness you may experience from pursuing this path. Not everyone can be a self-made millionaire. In conclusion, you’ll learn a lot about the habits of highly successful people in this episode. Self-made millionaires don’t have it easy, they make sacrifices and remain disciplined to achieve their goals.

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