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New IRS Regulations and Enforcement You Should Know About # 340

April 15, 2022

Purchasing a home without a mortgage is increasingly common in today’s hot real estate market. Investors owning cryptocurrency is not unusual. The IRS, of course, has taken notice and is increasing scrutiny of these and other financial activities to make certain you pay your fair share of taxes. Ian Comisky, partner in the law firm of Fox Rothschild, author and law professor at the University of Pennsylvania joins today’s podcast. Ian joins Steve Cordasco each year at this time to discuss new tax law, forthcoming federal regulations and IRS enforcement.

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Good News for Retirement Savers is on the Horizon: SECURE Act 2.0 # 339

April 8, 2022

Encouraging news for retirement savers may be coming, thanks to SECURE Act 2.0 legislation. The acronym stands for Setting Every Community Up for Retirement Enhancement. This is a follow-up to the original SECURE Act that passed with bipartisan support in Congress a couple of years back. Today, Steve Cordasco details many provisions of the bill aimed at making saving for retirement easier and more beneficial to an even larger pool of participants.

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The Housing Market: How Will You be Impacted by Rising Interest Rates # 338

April 1, 2022

Over the last 2 years we’ve experienced a boom in the housing market with prices and demand at an all-time high, and interest rates and inventory at historic lows. Now, mortgage rates are beginning rise. CFN’s John Walker is joined by Dr. Jessica Lautz, Vice President of Demographics and Behavioral Insights for the National Association of Realtors. They discuss the current state of the housing market and how home values may be impacted, if interest rates continue to rise.

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Clarity on Using Bonds and Bond Alternatives in Your Portfolio # 337

March 25, 2022

The Fed has started to increase interest rates, and it may be a good time for you to gain a better understanding of the role bonds play in your investment or retirement portfolio. Cordasco Financial Network’s John Walker is joined by Dennis Jablonoski of our Investment Team and Financial Planner Ryan Flurer. They discuss the appropriate use of bonds and bond funds in your portfolio, and offer clarity on the recently increased attention being given to bond alternatives.

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Market Volatility: Your Wake-Up Call to Investment Risk # 336

March 18, 2022

Recent market volatility resulting from the pandemic, inflation and now the Russian invasion of Ukraine has become a wake-up call for many. For several years, the stock market seemed to be going nowhere but up.  Investor’s confidence in a rising stock market had caused some to more heavily invest in equities. Now may be a good time to take a careful look at your investment mix. Cordasco Financial Network’s John Walker is joined by Tim Joseph CFP® and CPA to discuss the need to ensure that the investment risk you’re taking across all of your accounts, including your 401k, is aligned with your risk tolerance.

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Why a Trust Should be Considered when Creating Your Estate Plan # 335

March 11, 2022

At Cordasco Financial Network we are frequently asked about the use of trusts in estate planning. There are many scenarios where a trust is the most appropriate means of passing wealth to your heirs. Setting up a trust can be cost effective and it is available to everyone regardless of the size of their estate. Trusts avoid probate, offer tax advantages and allow you to keep control of your assets. For details on the many benefits of using trusts in estate planning, we’re joined by a guest from Mercer Advisors. John Walker welcomes Attorney Jeremiah Barlow, Executive Vice President and Head of Family Wealth Services at Mercer Advisors.

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Russia Invades, Sanctions Imposed, Prices Rise # 334

March 4, 2022

With the Russian invasion of Ukraine underway and sanctions imposed, CFN’s John Walker discusses how prices here at home are being driven higher as a result.  He is joined by Jim Picerno, financial journalist and editor of the financial blog The Capital Spectator. They discuss rising energy, food, and travel prices, increasing market volatility and the Fed’s next move.

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Strategies for Dealing with International Affairs That Can Impact Your Financial Future # 333

February 25, 2022

Concerns about Russian military activity surrounding Ukraine continue to dominate the news.  Today, Steve Cordasco discusses how geopolitical issues impact the markets and the economy as a whole. We’re starting to feel early effects here in the U.S., but it’s unclear how current international events, combined with our own economic stressors, will further impact future financial stability.  Steve makes an assessment and offers financial strategy you may want to consider.

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Your Mental and Physical Health May Have a Direct Connection to Your Finances # 332

February 18, 2022

Worrying about money, is known to negatively impact our emotional well-being and our state of physical health.  Studies have shown that people who have significant financial means often worry unnecessarily.  Their frequent concern is “do I really have enough” even when they clearly do. CFN’s John Walker talks with Psychologist Dr. Matt Goren, Ph.D, Assistant Professor of Financial Planning at The American College of Financial Services about why the connection exists and what we can do to reduce financial stressors.

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Health Savings Accounts (HSAs): Your Overlooked Retirement Account Opportunity # 331

February 11, 2022

Health savings accounts (HSAs) are a good way to put pre-tax dollars aside for out-of-pocket medical expenses, those costs beyond what your health plan covers if you have a high-deductible plan.  Today, Steve Cordasco details the often overlooked benefits of HSA’s. Learn how you can use your HSA as an additional tax-deferred retirement savings plan beyond your 401k or IRA.

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