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The Top 10 Most Downloaded Your Life Your Wealth Podcasts

July 19, 2021

Cordasco Financial Network is proud to have reached "Your Life Your Wealth Podcast" episode # 300. To note this milestone, we present our Top 10 podcasts, based on total downloads. Each week we strive to provide Education, Clarity, and Guidance to our loyal listeners. We thank you and continue to encourage your comments, questions and topic ideas for future podcasts.

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Episode # 300 – Can You Afford the Cost of Long Term Care?

July 16, 2021

Sometimes the most uncomfortable conversations are the ones most necessary. Today, as we reach a milestone, the 300th episode of the Your Life Your Wealth podcast, CFN’s John Walker and Ryan Flurer discuss the important issue of paying for long term care. There’s a more than 8 in 10 chance you or a loved one will experience late life cognitive or physical decline that will require support from a caregiver other than a family member. John and Ryan discuss the high cost of long term care and what insurance options exist to help offset what could be a financially draining expense.

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Episode # 299 – Cash Flow Management: An Essential Part of Your Retirement Planning

July 9, 2021

Retirees should consider focusing on generating cash flow instead of chasing ever-shrinking income sources in today’s low interest rate environment. CFN’s John Walker and Jim Tate, CPA, discuss the differences in managing income versus cash flow. A good cash flow strategy includes social security, annuity payments, dividends and other sources to cover living expenses for those in retirement. John and Jim offer practical cash flow planning tips, including tax related information that should not be overlooked.

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Episode # 298 – Mistakes to Avoid When Saving for Retirement

July 2, 2021

As we save for our retirement many of us will face financial threats along the way. The money decisions we make, and how we address the financial challenges we may face, could make the difference between financial security or insecurity during our retired years. CFN’s Dennis Jablonoski and Tim Joseph, CPA, discuss several significant savings threats and share strategies for avoiding these pitfalls.

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Episode # 297 – Securing Your Online Identity: Cybersecurity Threats You Need to Address

June 25, 2021

The cybersecurity threats we face continue to increase in frequency and sophistication. The threats present significant risk to individuals, and an even more critical risk to business owners, particularly those involved in financial transactions and online commerce. Today, CFN’s Technology and Data Manager, Ryan Flurer, sits in for Steve and is joined by cybersecurity expert Anthony Mongeluzo, President of PCS, an IT and computer support services consulting company. Anthony details the myriad of threats we face and offers some practical suggestions to help reduce your online security vulnerabilities.

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Episode # 296 – Pent Up Travel Demand Means Higher Prices: Learn Ways You Can Save

June 18, 2021

This year’s summer travel season has arrived with a vengeance. After 2020’s pandemic driven stay-at-home summer, there’s pent up demand with folks clamoring to book their getaways. As travel demand surges, prices are rising. Today, CFN’s Dennis Jablonoski and Tim Joseph, CPA, discuss several unique ways to help you save money on this year’s travel plans.

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Episode # 295 – The Tax Advantages and Increasing Flexibility of 529 Education Savings Accounts

June 11, 2021

There are numerous benefits of state-sponsored 529 plans. The reality is that too many investors with the intention of helping a future student aren’t aware of the tax savings and other advantages they offer.  Today, CFN’s John Walker and Tim Joseph, CPA, discuss how 529 plans have evolved over the years becoming increasingly more flexible and advantageous for the saver and the student. 

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Episode # 294 – Inflation and Government Stimulus: Their Impact on Your Financial Future

June 4, 2021

Many Your Life Your Wealth listeners have asked questions and expressed concerns about inflation and its impact on the future well-being of our economy and on their personal finances.  Today, Steve discusses inflation and its relationship to both the post-pandemic reopening of our economy and the massive government spending legislation. He offers his perspective on the possible duration of these inflationary times and how appropriate government spending can bolster our economic future.

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Episode # 293 – Why Your 401k Should Not be Your Emergency Fund

May 28, 2021

The most common workplace retirement savings plan is the 401k. Aside from the value of your home, it’s likely your largest asset. A surprising number of 401k savers view this money as an accessible pre-retirement emergency fund should a costly and unexpected expenditure arise. CFN’s John Walker and Dennis Jablonoski sit in for Steve Cordasco today and discuss maintaining 401k plan integrity, and why borrowing from a 401k is usually a bad idea. They also share what business owners and 401k plan managers can do to reduce what is often called plan leakage, employee 401k loans, withdrawals, or cash-outs.

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Episode # 292 – 5 Mistakes Couples Make When Planning For Retirement

May 21, 2021

Most couples look forward to their retired years together. But, what happens if you and your partner have different views of what life in retirement should actually be?  What if you disagree on finances, family or living arrangements? Steve discusses strategies to help the nearly 50% of couples who admit experiencing conflict and making mistakes relating to money when planning for, or living in retirement.

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