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Episode #121 – Your Retirement Plan

July 20, 2018

Dennis Jablonoski, Financial Planner and Retirement Specialist, discusses ways to engage and fully understand an individual’s needs to properly plan for their financial future. It’s more than just numbers, it’s a deeper understanding and growth of a relationship with their advisor that helps CFN clients live their best lives.

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Episode #120 – What Can You Learn from a Poker Champ?

July 16, 2018

Steve’s favorite read for Summer 2018, is “Thinking in Bets: Making Smarter Decisions When You Don’t Have All The Facts” by former poker champ turned business consultant Annie Duke. In this episode they discuss her unique career, dealing with uncertainty, and ways to avoid making emotional decisions. Good practices for poker players and investors.

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Episode #119 – Steve’s Summer Reading List

July 13, 2018

Steve talks to Mark Rotella, executive editor of Publishers Weekly, about the summer book scene. They discuss the business of books and what’s new in areas like self-help, breezy fiction for the beach, and more.

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Episode #118 – Is Early Retirement Right for You?

July 10, 2018

Steve discusses the dangers of simple solutions and rules of thumb for those who want to retire early.

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Episode #117 – Know the Value of Your Business

July 6, 2018

Learn what every business owner needs to know about the value of their company. Steve talks with Michael Carter, President and CEO of BizEquity, the world’s largest provider of business valuations.

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Episode #116 – Grow Your Wealth

July 3, 2018

Learn the simple and practical principles that represent the keys to financial success.

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Episode #115 – The Triple Tax Benefits of Health Savings Accounts

June 29, 2018

Steve explains how this often overlooked option can be an excellent vehicle for retirement savings

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Episode #114 – The Investment Fee Tax Break Bids Farewell

June 26, 2018

The tax benefits associated with the costs of obtaining financial advice have been eliminated. Steve takes a close look at this provision of the new tax code, and how it impacts investors and financial professionals. The politicians in Washington deserve the blame, but there might be a viable work-around.

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Episode #113 – The Growing Retirement Age Gap

June 22, 2018

Steve is joined by Matt Rutledge, economist at The Center For Retirement Research at Boston College. They discuss the reasons for a growing gap in the ages people retire and the surprising relationship between retirement age and education level.

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Episode #112 – Retirement Planning Challenges for Women

June 19, 2018

Steve and his guest Catherine Collinson, CEO and President of the Transamerica Institute and Transamerica Center for Retirement Studies, discuss finding retirement success for women through empowerment and practical solutions.

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