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Episode #165 – Your 401(k): As Seen On TV

January 4, 2019

The “set it and forget it” approach may have been fine for the Ronco Showtime Rotisserie Oven so many of us saw advertised on television back in the day, however it’s not a sound strategy for managing your 401(k) plan today. I’ll describe specific things you should consider doing with your 401(k) to take full advantage of current market conditions.

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Episode #164 – Listener Email Questions Answered

December 21, 2018

At Cordasco Financial Network, we receive lots of listener emails each week, and it’s time to address a few on this program. I answer questions on the characteristics of bull and bear markets, recent activity by the Federal Reserve, and give you an inside look at what we do at CFN during the type of market conditions we are currently experiencing.

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Episode #162 – How to Invest for Cash Flow

December 14, 2018

Current volatile market conditions may call for adjustments to be made within your investment portfolio. I’ll explain how one of the options, dividend paying stocks, has come back into focus for investors.

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Episode #161 – Market Swings and Your Investment Strategy

December 11, 2018

Healthy markets move up and down, and often evoke emotional responses from investors. I’ll explore the reasons for these swings, look at them historically, and tell you why I believe that an unemotional assessment of current conditions show that our economy is fundamentally sound.

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Episode #159 – Jack Bogle’s Predictions

December 4, 2018

Jack Bogle, founder of The Vanguard Group, has made bold predictions about the markets for the next ten years. He offers a pessimistic outlook about returns on stock and bonds. I don't simply accept or reject his predictions, instead I analyze them in order to gain proper perspective, and I share my thoughts.

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Episode #158 – A Holiday Gift That Keeps On Giving

November 30, 2018

Want to jump-start the financial future of a young person this holiday season? There’s a unique gift you may want to consider, a Roth IRA. There are just a few restrictions, but the money will grow tax-free for decades and could even be used for a first-time home purchase.

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Episode #157 – The Money Side of Wealth

November 26, 2018

I discuss how wealth comes in many forms and means different things to different people. I then talk about the various professions within the world of money management to help you determine the most suitable professional for your individual situation.

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Episode #156 – Reduce Your Tax Bill by Paying Advisory Fees From Your IRA Account

November 20, 2018

New tax law ended deductions on advisory fees. I discuss how you can get tax savings from a long-held qualified retirement account rule allowing you to pay your financial advisor’s fee out of your IRA account with no tax or penalty, but there are some restrictions you should consider.

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Episode #155 – How do You Cope with Market Volatility?

November 16, 2018

Today, we focus the entire program on recent market volatility with Joe Cortese of the Cordasco Financial Network Investment Team. We discuss the factors driving volatility, and how to best position investments for today’s market conditions. We focus on strategies covering stock and bond investing and offer guidance in determining the right mix of domestic and international investments for a well diversified portfolio.

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Episode #154 – Your Retirement Account Update

November 13, 2018

CPA Tim Joseph of the Cordasco Financial Network team joins me for a discussion on IRA’s and 401 K’s, and the increase in contribution amounts for 2019.

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