#1  – Episode # 262 – Special Edition: What The Biden Tax Plan Could Mean to You (38 minutes, from 10/16/20)

# 2 – Episode # 220 – Steve Returns with an Important Warning: Prepare for the Unexpected (28 minutes from 2/2/2020)

# 3

Episode #179 – How Much Money will you Really Need in Retirement?


The biggest fear many retirees have is running out of money. I’m joined by Aline Holzworth, a Behavioral Scientist at Duke University, who recently co-authored a Wall Street Journal article on her research to help determine the amount of money you may need in retirement. It’s a surprisingly high percentage of the annual income earned during your working years, and a much larger number than is often used as a rule-of-thumb by many planners. I also explain why it’s necessary to go beyond the numbers to live your best life in retirement.

Listening Time: 14 minutes

Originally Published 4/4/19

# 4

Episode #178 – Smart Tax Strategies You Need to Know

Too many investors spend too much time chasing specific stocks or trying to time the market, while at the same time are careless about maximizing their tax benefits.  Carefully managing your taxes is an area where you can have a significant impact on the growth of your investments. Being smart about where you invest for retirement and even smarter about which retirement accounts you withdraw from, and in what order, can make a significant difference in the amount of money you keep and how much you send to Uncle Sam. I share tips and strategies you need to know.

Listening Time: 32 minutes

Originally Published: 3/28/19

# 5

Episode # 276 – GameStop & Reddit: A Digital Age David & Goliath Story

This week, the story of the astronomical rise in share price of GameStop, as well as a handful of other companies in decline, caught nearly everyone’s attention.  As a good David vs. Goliath story usually does. Share prices were driven up by small individual investors using the social media platform called Reddit.  It was an organized effort that resulted in many large hedge fund managers, who had shorted these companies, to experience significant losses as their stock values skyrocketed.  CFN’s John Walker is joined by Larry Shaw from the CFN Investment Committee and Financial Planner and CFN technology manager Ryan Flurer. They discuss what happened, why it is significant, how the technology was used and what future implications this kind of activity may, or may not, have on investors like you.

Listening Time: 28 minutes

Originally Published: 1/29/21

# 6

Episode # 273 – Financial Strategies For Dealing With Things You Can’t Control

In this week’s podcast, Steve discusses why it’s important to understand and embrace the reality that there are many aspects of our financial lives we simply cannot control. For example, the direction of the financial markets, or the degree to which we will be impacted by tax increases aren’t things we can influence. Therefore, our efforts and attention need to be focused on those things we can control. Steve explains several strategic financial moves to help us be prepared, and lessen any potential negative impact from things outside of our control.

Listening Time: 18 minutes

Originally Published: 1/8/21

# 7

Episode #182 – The Key to Real Retirement Happiness

My guest Michael Finke, Chief Academic Officer of the American College of Financial Services, has been researching the elements of true retirement happiness for years.  His findings indicate that there are three strong predictors, the first two are money and health.  The third, perhaps equally as important to the first two, is the nurturing of personal and social relationships, especially the quality of your relationship with your spouse. We go in-depth discussing his findings and focus, as we so often do, on the all-important life side of retirement. Our guest reinforces the fact that true happiness in your retired years can not be found exclusively through money or wealth.

Listening Time: 25

Originally Published: 4/25/19

# 8

Episode # 254 – Tired of Living in a High Tax State? Here’s Something You Can do About it

Many listeners have asked about the financial implications of making the State of Florida their primary residence. I’ve recently discovered a very helpful book on the subject, and today I speak with E. Michael Kilbourn, co-author of The Florida Domicile Handbook.  Michael is a leading national authority on the complexities of domiciling in Florida. We discuss the many advantages of establishing a Florida domicile including savings on individual and corporate income taxes, estate planning and more.

Listening Time: 20 minutes

Originally Published: 8/21/20

# 9

Episode #120 – What Can You Learn from a Poker Champ?

Steve’s favorite read for Summer 2018, is “Thinking in Bets: Making Smarter Decisions When You Don’t Have All The Facts” by former poker champ turned business consultant Annie Duke. In this episode they discuss her unique career, dealing with uncertainty, and ways to avoid making emotional decisions. Good practices for poker players and investors.

Listening Time: 31 minutes

Originally Published: 7/16/18

# 10

Episode # 283 – Inflation Fears: How Should You Prepare?

As a record amount of stimulus money enters our economy, concerns about inflation rise.  CFN’s Founder and CEO Steve Cordasco presents this special in-depth discussion on ways inflation can affect your life and wealth. He discusses the root causes of inflation, how it can impact the future of your cash, bond and equity holdings, and details important defensive actions smart investors should consider if inflation worries persist.

Listening Time: 29 minutes

Originally Published: 3/19/21

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