Breakthrough Beginnings

Our journey towards becoming an independent Registered Investment Advisor (RIA) began during the financial collapse of 2008.

When the financial collapse took place in 2008, our country entered the great recession. Despite the market turmoil, our business and service model was successful because we continued to serve clients’ retirement and investment needs with the utmost care and consideration. We successfully navigated our clients though this troublesome period and many of our clients shared their story with friends and family, which led to a boom in our business.

As a result of our success, we were looking to hire to support our growing business. However, this was also at a time when all of the major financial firms were going out of business, consolidating, laying off staff or putting a freeze on hiring. Thus, due to the belt-tightening practices that were imposed on us by our parent company, we were unable to expand our team. We believe these constraints, which were designed to protect the corporate balance sheet, were paralyzing us.

This sparked the desire to go independent and separate from the big firms who put their shareholders before the wants and needs of our clients. This break-away allowed us to expand our team of fiduciaries, operate independently (without being constrained by corporate policies) and add the resources needed to serve your needs.

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