It’s back to school season and you may have a lot on your mind. If your child is a high-school junior or senior, you may feel overwhelmed with the looming price tag of college tuition. Even if you have plenty of money saved for your child’s education, the expense can impact your plans for retirement. You may be concerned that you will need to retire much later than the age you originally planned.

Higher education is essential in preparing your children for bright futures. However, the increasing cost of a college education is causing a tremendous amount of stress on students and families. Some students will take on large amounts of debt that they will struggle to pay off.

Many parents and grandparents will help pay for a college education, but often to the detriment of their own future financial security and plans for retirement. Instead of feeling powerless, have you researched other paths or avenues for your child? There are other options to fund your child’s education, from scholarships, federal aid, to even embarking on a military path to pay for higher education.

In this extended interview, I explore this path and I speak with Retired Army Major General Walter T. Lord. You can visit General Lord’s full bio here. General Lord is a South Philadelphia native, who credits his hometown as a vital preparation for his career. We discuss General Lord’s own personal story, including our surprising mutual mummer history. General Lord is now the President of Valley Forge Military Academy and College, located in Radnor, PA. General Lord will explain how the educational opportunities at Valley Forge Military Academy and College can be a solution to the problem. General Lord will detail the personal and professional benefits of a military education, which include scholarships to help cover the cost of education.

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