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Solutions for Organizing Your Financial Information and Other Important Documents # 328

January 21, 2022

Knowing where to easily access important documents when you need them can reduce stress and anxiety. It can also bring peace of mind to your loved ones should they ever need to reference information regarding your insurance policies, will, power-of-attorney or other critical documents. Cordasco Financial Network’s John Walker is joined by Tim Joseph CFP® and CPA to discuss the importance of financial organization as they detail some specific solutions you may consider.

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The Financial Effects of Losing a Spouse # 327

January 14, 2022

The death of a spouse is one of the most difficult things imaginable. It takes an emotional toll on the surviving spouse, typically creates unexpected financial issues and triggers tax-related consequences. Cordasco Financial Network’s John Walker is joined by Tim Joseph CFP® and CPA to address areas of concern that will undoubtedly need your attention after the death of a spouse.

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Investment Risk: Your Capacity, Attitude and Need # 326

January 7, 2022

It’s important for retirees and near retirees to understand the emotional impact a down market can have on them.  Perhaps you won’t experience the high anxiety others will during the next market pull back because it’s inevitable. However, you do need to think about how you want to position your portfolio long before a downturn happens. CFN’s John Walker and CFN Investment Team members Larry Shaw and Dennis Jablonoski explore the acronym C.A.N., as it relates to your retirement planning. It stands for Capacity, Attitude, and Need. Assessing these areas will help provide you with a greater understanding of your investment risk and help you mitigate anxiety.

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Top 5 Tips for Smart Financial Planning in the New Year – # 325

December 31, 2021

The arrival of the new year is the perfect time to assess where you are financially and address your important priorities. CFN’s John Walker and Ryan Flurer discuss their top 5 ideas to help you optimize your personal finances for the new year and beyond.

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Helping You Prepare for the Taxes You’ll Pay on Your Retirement Income – # 324

December 23, 2021

CFN’s Retirement Plan Specialist Dennis Jablonoski, CRPS® talks with Tim Joseph CFP® and CPA. Tim explains how various forms of retirement income are taxed and the planning necessary to meet those obligations.

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Will the Federal Reserve’s 2022 Efforts to Curb Inflation Impact Your Investment Planning? – # 323

December 17, 2021

The Federal Reserve recently announced it will take action to reduce inflation. The Fed has indicated it will end its asset buying program and also plans on making three interest rate hikes in 2022. Cordasco Financial Network’s John Walker is joined by Larry Shaw and Dennis Jablonoski of the CFN Investment Committee to discuss the potential impact the Fed’s latest announcement may have on your investment planning in the coming year.

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Your Life Your Wealth Podcast Special Edition – # 322

December 9, 2021

It’s Cordasco Financial Network’s 10th anniversary. Steve Cordasco is joined by Jim Tate for this Special Edition podcast. They share exciting news about new opportunities and discuss the growth and future of the firm. Listening Time: 15 minutes

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Will Increasing Medicare Premiums Impact Your Bottom Line? – # 321

December 4, 2021

A sizable Social Security cost of living increase takes effect in 2022.  For most recipients however, that increase will be offset, and in some cases exceeded by, an increase in Medicare premiums. CFN’s John Walker and Tim Joseph, CFP, CPA, detail the reasons for the current steep increase in Medicare costs. They also discuss what you can do to reduce your annual taxable income to help ensure that you are paying the smallest possible amount in Medicare premiums.

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Safe Money Discussions For Your Holiday Family Gatherings – # 320

November 23, 2021

The holiday season is officially here.  It’s a time when many of us gather with family to celebrate. Talking about money over turkey may be less stressful than getting into politics or social issues. Whether it’s about gratitude or charitable giving, safe money discussions are a natural way to avoid indigestion. CFN’s Dennis Jablonoski and Jim Tate, CPA, talk about safe money discussions you can have around your holiday table, conversations you won’t regret!

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Should You Own Cryptocurrency? – # 319

November 19, 2021

Questions about cryptocurrency are among the most common we receive. We’re frequently asked to explain what it is, how it works, how to buy it, how to use it, and should I own cryptocurrency in my retirement or investment portfolio? Today, CFN’s John Walker and Evan Salter shed some light on the risky, complicated world of cryptocurrency, to help you determine whether or not you should own cryptocurrency.

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