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You or Your Investments: Which Is Your Advisor’s Focus? # 354

August 12, 2022

As an investor, you’re excited to see growth. As you save and invest that growth is important, but you need to know why you’re building wealth. It’s not just about having more money. John Walker and Advisor Ryan Flurer of Cordasco Financial Network, a part of Mercer Advisors, share insights on why having a discussion on specific investment options before creating your overall strategic plan is likely not a sound approach.

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You Just Received A Financial Windfall: Now What? #353

August 6, 2022

Would you know how to handle a windfall of cash if it came your way? Whether it be from an inheritance, sale of your business or property, a legal seBlement, or even a big loBery win, a large and oCen unexpected influx of money can create great opportunity, but it also comes with potenFal piGalls. John Walker of Cordasco Financial Network, a part of Mercer Advisors, helps you prepare.

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Three Types of Investment Risk You Face # 352

July 29, 2022

Risk tolerance, capacity and need are three important components of successful investing. John Walker and and Tim Joseph, CFP® and CPA, from Cordasco Financial Network, a part of Mercer Advisors, define each distinctly different category of risk. They offer guidance on how careful risk management works to your financial advantage.

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Answering Your Questions to the [email protected] Inbox # 351

July 22, 2022

At Cordasco Financial Network, a part of Mercer Advisors, we regularly receive questions via email from listeners like you. This week, Dennis Jablonoski CRPS® and Tim Joseph, CFP® and CPA, address several questions covering a cross-section of our listener’s financial interests. Will your question be included?

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Inflation: The Inescapable “I” Word # 350

July 8, 2022

Inflation has reached heights not seen in more than 50 years. It’s an inescapable reality at the gas pump, grocery market, and everywhere else we spend our money. There is no shortage of reasons discussed, both real and imagined. Understanding the difference between the real root causes of inflation, and the common myths about why inflation is occurring at this time, is an important part of understanding our economy and its various cycles. John Walker of Cordasco Financial Network, a part of Mercer Advisors, discusses the in-depth article on inflation recently released by Don Calcagni, MBA, MST, CFP®, AIF®, Chief Investment Officer at Mercer Advisors.

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Your Pathway to a Fulfilling and Purposeful Retirement # 349

July 1, 2022

People often encounter difficulties such as the loss of identity and self worth as they enter retirement. Coping with a drastic change in lifestyle is something people are often reluctant to discuss, even though they may need guidance. John Walker and Dennis Jablonoski of Cordasco Financial Network, a part of Mercer Advisors, welcome George Jerjian, author and retirement coach. They discuss his extensive research, and outline ways you can find passion and purpose as you as you enter this new phase of life.

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Why You Should Know the Difference between a Portfolio and a Plan # 348

June 24, 2022

Your investment portfolio is only a piece of your overall financial plan. Having a financial plan helps you set clear goals and objectives, articulates actions and deliverables, and is comprised of much more than just a collection of accounts and securities. Today, John Walker and Evan Salter of Cordasco Financial Network, a part of Mercer Advisors, discuss the distinction between a plan and a portfolio and why having a plan leads to a greater probability of financial success.

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Helping You Find Opportunity In Uncertain Economic Times # 347

June 10, 2022

Inflation, choppy markets, and political uncertainty are causing economic challenges that investors can’t change, but you can take steps to mitigate their impact. Mercer Advisors’ John Walker and Tim Joseph, CFP® and CPA, discuss smart tax planning moves you can make right now to help improve your own personal economic conditions.

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Time In The Market vs. Timing The Market: A Distinction You Need to Know # 346

June 3, 2022

You have a far better chance of meeting your financial goals by investing for the long-term. The buy and quick-sell mentality of trying to “time the markets” can bring a quick profit, but this is more like gambling than investing. No one really knows the optimal time to buy or sell a security. Mercer Advisors’ John Walker and Dennis Jablonoski discuss the benefits of “time in the market” which should always include strategies such as regular rebalancing and careful evaluation of your holdings.

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CFN Special: A Discusson on Various Sectors of our Economy

May 27, 2022

Each year, Emerald Asset Management hosts an investment forum featuring presentations on key investment sectors.  For this long holiday weekend, we present Mercer Advisors/Cordasco Financial Network’s Dennis Jablonoski speaking with various Emerald fund managers and analysts.

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