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Episode #143 – Caring for Your Aging Loved Ones

October 9, 2018

Americans are living longer and for many of us our retirement years may be lengthier than anticipated. For some, money runs out, and family members must pitch in and provide care. I discuss long-term care insurance options, and a little known program offering financial help for family members caring for a loved one.

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Episode #142 – Real Estate Investment Trusts

October 5, 2018

Cordasco Financial Network CPA Tim Joseph joins me to discuss REITs and how ownership of REITs differs from owning brick and mortar real estate. We also cover the new 2018 IRS rules that offer tax advantages for REIT ownership.

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Episode #141 – Do You Fear a Market Crash?

October 2, 2018

A 55-year-old listener submitted a question to She writes, “How would I survive a market crash as I approach my retirement years?” I offer some perspective and discuss a variety of investment options that may be helpful should we experience a market crash or a major correction. We also will cover what an insurance or annuity “stress-test” is and how you can get your portfolio tested here at CFN. Our stress test will help show how your portfolio would fare in the event of a market crash. Do you want your question to be featured on the radio show? You can email us if you have questions or comments to

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Episode #140 – Our Healthy Economy

September 28, 2018

Jerome Powell, Chairman of the Federal Reserve, announced another interest rate hike this week. I’m joined by Adam Newell, a member of the CFN investment team, to discuss the expected impact of the rate hike. Additionally, we speak about inflation, tariffs and general economic conditions as we enter the final quarter of the year.

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Episode #139 – Your Estate Planning Essentials

September 25, 2018

Estate Attorney Nancy Rice of Rice Elder Law joins me to discuss why estate planning is a key component of every financial plan. We discuss estate taxes, the importance of selecting an appropriate executor, and the need for careful organization of financial data.

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Episode #138 – Your Most Wanted Electronics

September 21, 2018

I talk with Anthony Mongeluzo, President of PCS, an IT services and solutions company. We discuss the new iPhones and Watches from Apple. Many of the products offer advancements that are particularly useful for older adults. The new Apple Watch features auto work-out detection, heart monitoring functions, the ability to perform an EKG, and the ability to detect a fall with automatic notification of emergency services.

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Episode #137 – How Much Money will You need in Retirement?

September 18, 2018

Do you worry about running out of money during retirement? Many Americans do and new research finds valid reasons behind your concern. On today’s show, I provide insight from a new study conducted by Duke behavioral scientists published in the Wall Street Journal called “How Much Money Will You Really Spend in Retirement? Probably a lot More Than You Think.”

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Episode #136 – A Conversation with P. J. O’Rourke

September 14, 2018

I traveled to an event at the CATO Institute in New York City and had the pleasure of interviewing one of my favorite authors, P. J. O’Rourke. He’s a political satirist, journalist, and the author of 19 books, including his latest “None of My Business: P. J. Explains Money, Banking, Debt, Equity, Assets, Liabilities, and Why He’s Not Rich and Neither Are You.” During our wide-ranging discussion we cover his book, his assessment of the Trump economy, his take on millennials, and the true value of a college education.

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Episode #135 – The Self-Made Millionaire

September 11, 2018

Do you wonder what separates self-made millionaires from the rest of the population? Contrary to the popular stereotype that millionaires just got lucky, a new study demonstrates the common habits of a successful individual, and luck isn’t one of them. A recent behavioral survey conducted by Tom Corley identified the universal habits of highly successful self-made millionaires. Join me on the show to learn the practical benefits of these lifestyle habits. Given my experience working with self-made millionaires, I’ll give you my take on Corley’s study.

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Episode #134 – Your Retirement Security

September 7, 2018

President Trump’s executive order to review certain rules that govern retirement accounts and future required minimum distributions. Although the media tends to try to invoke fears and criticism about President Trump’s new proposal, the proposed plan will help all retirees, not just the rich. Plus, this proposal can be mutually beneficial to small business owners as well as the employees. This podcast will cover the two critical components of the changes that could help retirees.

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